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Article: Our Favorite Sweat Proof Makeup You Want to Try

Our Favorite Sweat Proof Makeup You Want to Try

Our Favorite Sweat Proof Makeup You Want to Try

Working out, breaking a sweat, feeling the burn all are exhilarating and send the endorphins rushing into your system. Consequently, you feel like you could conquer the world after a killer workout. Unfortunately, if you are like most, you probably look more like a drowned rat than a conquering hero. It’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of; however, if you don’t have the luxury of showering and then reapplying a full face of makeup after your workout, this sweaty look can be problematic. This is especially true if you have to leave the gym and go right into work or somewhere else that requires a professional looking, non haggard look. Thankfully, there are some tricks you can use to stay looking amazing even when you are giving your body an intense workout with sweat proof, exercise enduring makeup like the following products:

Our Favorite Makeup for a Sweat Proof Look

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

According to various experts including Marc Reagan, experienced makeup artist, to achieve sweat proof makeup, start with a great primer. That’s where this mineral primer product comes into play. Use this to create a smooth canvas for your makeup that will also repel water and give your current makeup more staying power to ensure a fresh look all day.

CoverGirl Lashblast Volume Waterproof Mascara

There is nothing worse after a hard workout than the dreaded raccoon effect, where all your carefully applied mascara has made its way down under your eyes, smearing and clumping, creating a horrific look. Thankfully, this CoverGirl product is designed to withstand any and all water, including sweat. The formula was created to stay put and not budge, no matter what kind of pressure it endures. We also love that it’s affordable and you can find it at virtually any store that carries makeup.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Breathable Foundation

When working out, heavy duty foundation mixes with sweat and creates a barrier on the skin. This can be extremely detrimental for naturally oily or acne-prone skin. This foundation by Oxygenetix is designed differently to prevent clogged pores and to allow the skin cells to breathe during a workout. It also comes along with a SPF 25, which is a nice bonus if you workout outdoors as it protects your skin while ensuring you look amazing.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

Use this product by Urban Decay to make any makeup you wear more sweat proof. This setting spray is designed to give your makeup lasting power, no matter how sweaty or hot you get. It is designed to “seal in your makeup,” while cutting down on excessive oil.

Wunder2 Perfect Selfie HD Photo Finishing Powder

This product works similarly to the setting spray outlined above, but instead is in a powder version for those more prone to having excessive oil on their skin. This Wunder2 product is a translucent formula that has been finely milled to draw oil away from the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead).

Bottom Line

Makeup and sweat are usually two things that are simply at odds. No matter if you have the most popular yoga pants, skinny yoga pants or are wearing appropriate yoga pants in public, looking your best after an intense workout can be challenging. Thankfully, the sweat proof makeup products above make it possible.

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