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Article: Exercising Outdoors is Immensely Beneficial, Here's Why

Exercising Outdoors is Immensely Beneficial, Here's Why

Exercising Outdoors is Immensely Beneficial, Here's Why

There is no doubt that working out is good for the body. From the mental benefits to the physical improvements it brings about, there are countless studies that prove it’s worth. However, have you ever considered the fact that workout out or exercising outdoors could provide even more upside? That’s right, exercising outdoors can benefit you even more than working out in a stuffy gym, here’s how:

Mental Wellness, Peace & Quiet

Let’s face it, especially in light of the recent closures and the issues facing our country, getting away, having a little peace and quiet and promoting mental wellness is vastly important. Thankfully, taking your exercise outdoors is a great way to address these issues. Studies have proven that being outside can help ward off anxiety, depression and seasonal affective disorder or SAD. In addition, exercise itself has been proven to release endorphins which boosts your mood, especially in new workout clothes. Being outside on your own also provides a measure of peace and quiet, with which even the most peaceful gym cannot hope to compare.

Fresh Air

TheEnvironmental Protection Agency states that indoor air can become polluted, even more so than the outdoor air of metropolitain or large cities. Therefore, taking your exercise routine outdoors into the fresh air is a great way to ensure your body is breathing only the cleanest air possible. If you have ever smelt the inside of a stuffy gym that smells like a locker room after a high school football practice, you most assuredly understand the value of fresh air when working out. Also, being outside is a great way to break in your newest running apparel or cute workout leggings.

It’s Free

While gym fees and class dues can become expensive, the great outdoors are always affordable and often available at no cost. Of course, some national parks do charge a small fee to visit, but the vast majority of locations are absolutely free to use. Therefore, especially when money is an issue, working out outside can be a smart way to avoid paying expensive exercise related fees.

It’s Easier to Get a More Effective Workout

When working out at a gym, your mind can easily wander, resulting in boredom, which subsequently causes you to watch the clock like a hawk until you have “put your time in.” Conversely, when you are exercising outside, perhaps in a park, walking a trail or hiking in a picturesque location, you keep your mind busy by looking around at everything going on around you. This makes the time pass faster and results in you easily working out longer than you would have in a gym setting where time seems to drag.

You Can Make it a Social Event

Another advantage exercising outdoors has over other options is the fact that you can invite a friend to go along with you. If you pay membership dues to a gym, they will likely give you the chance to bring a friend for free one time as an introductory visit. However, any additional visits will require them to pay a membership fee themselves. With outdoor workouts, you can invite the same person several times, without having to pay for them or asking them to pay for themselves. Therefore, exercising outdoors can become a way to visit with your friends.

Give it a Go

If you have never before exercised outdoors, hopefully the information above will motivate you to give it a go. It is beneficial for all the reasons listed and we recommend it for all ages and fitness levels.

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