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We make fashion that feels better on you and the earth.

In every aspect of our brand, we are continuously pushing ourselves to research, refine and strive for different ways to leverage sustainability.

Each of our pieces is the product of years of designing, sourcing, and producing with only the highest-quality materials and like-minded production partners. We’ve taken action to use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics while adopting environmentally-conscious processes that are not only better for you but also kinder to our planet.


What we wear impacts the quality of our life.

We thoroughly research and vet our raw materials to make sure they meet our high quality standards. The criteria used in our sourcing are fully in compliance with the most strict international requirements on the non-use of prohibited substances in industrial processes, guaranteeing total absence of chemical waste that causes negative impacts on human beings and the environment.

Our Liquid fabrics are certified by OEKOTEX STANDARD 100, the “textile trust seal” that guarantees total absence of harmful substances in our products.

Over 100 parameters are exhaustively analyzed in the investigations of independent research institutes. These specifications follow the requirements provided for in the law, which are valid all over the world and readapted to the technical and scientific standards in force on a yearly basis.


From top to bottom, we push innovation until our products exceed the highest expectations. We aim to have 100% of our materials biodegradable and to be carbon neutral by 2030. We are committed to conscious sourcing and are always looking for the next best thing with you in mind.

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