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Here Are Some Fun Ways to Workout With Your Pup

Here Are Some Fun Ways to Workout With Your Pup

You’ve just bought a brand new set of exercise apparel for women, complete with black yoga pants, now it’s time to figure out what kind of workouts you want to tackle. While there are several options available, from taking yoga classes to lifting weights, perhaps something else would be even more enjoyable for you. Why not try some companion workouts with your pup? After all, why would you workout alone when you could have the companionship of your most loyal friend alongside for the adventure? The following are some ideas on what types of workouts you could do with your pup, use them as motivation to create your own unique way to spend time with your dog during your workouts:


Dogs are natural born runners. They are natural hunters and love to feel the wind blow through their hair as they run as fast as they can, tongue hanging out, in enraptured joy. While you would probably most enjoy a run on a nice-paced even roadway or sidewalk, it’s actually better for your pup to run on an unpaved trail. The concrete or asphalt can be tough on a dog’s sensitive paws. Therefore, when your pup’s along for your run, it’s a good idea to stick to non-paved running surfaces. Make running a habit with your dog and you will find you both look forward to it greatly. After all, what’s better than taking in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors, enjoying a run, or at least a brisk paced walk, with your best friend as your companion?

Companion Yoga

You have likely heard of goat yoga and recognize it as one of the most interesting yoga trends. However, did you know you can also practice yoga with your pup? Yep, the term for yoga alongside your dog is aptly named Doga. You can find examples of how to practice with your dog on various sites all over the internet, here’s just one example to get you started. This is the perfect way to get to wear that cute new pair of fitness yoga pants you just bought.


While this might not be doable during the winter for everyone across the nation, if you have access to a heated pool or live in an area that stays relatively warm all year long, swimming can be a great exercise you can do with your pup. Swimming is a low-impact way to burn calories and reduce stress and is easier on both you as the owner and your pup when compared to more intense, joint-impacting workouts like running. A great idea is to mix up your workouts and have a swim day as a way to recover from running. If the weather isn’t exactly warm enough for swimming or your dog just doesn’t enjoy getting into the water, you can instead opt for paddle boarding or kayaking. Allow your dog to ride with you as you paddle along a lake or creek.

Benefits You Both

The above suggestions are just a few exercises you can do with your pup. Working out with your pup is an ideal way to multitask. You need to workout and want to spend time with your dog, so why not just combine the two? It’s great for your dog, because it will get them moving and burn off excess energy and it’s good for you because you will be more motivated to workout when your dog is involved. In short, it’s a win, win!

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