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Have the Best Girls Night in With These Tips From Noli

Have the Best Girls Night in With These Tips From Noli

In the past, having a girl's night out was all the rage. Now, people are starting to turn away from nights out on the town and are spending more time having fun at home. Girls, in particular, are realizing they can have just as much fun or more by staying at home, donning their comfy yoga pants or best liquid leggings and breaking out their best bottle of wine accompanied by a delicious cheese tray.

Less drama and no stress

Going out on the town not only means you have to put on your best leggings or white Bari Tank and risk ruining them, but you may have to deal with crowds that are too busy to offer you compliments. If you choose to stay at home, you don't have to deal with drama and you won't have the stress of worrying about losing your purse or phone. Plus, your friends have a better view to compliment your animal print leggings.

Let your hair down

When you hang out at home, you can let your hair down. Turn up the music, put some yoga pants on and push the furniture out of the way to create an open area for dancing. Break out the board games and have a Scrabble marathon. Pop some popcorn and binge-watch your favorite movies or television series. Relax, tell stories and work out each other's problems. Spend time simply doing what friends do when wearing their best black leggings. You don't need to have an agenda. Just do the things that make you happiest.

Relaxing with the girls

There is nothing better than spending time with your friends. There are no worries about who is drinking too much or who may need a ride home. You are hanging out with your friends. Laugh, cry, share and just relax with the people who know you the best.

The next time you talk about having a girl's night out, consider bringing the party home and having a girl's night in with comfortable yoga pants by Noli. You might be surprised at the fun you can have when you don't have to worry about the issues often associated with hanging out at the club.

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