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Get a Little Creative to Maintain Your Fitness Routine During Vacation

Get a Little Creative to Maintain Your Fitness Routine During Vacation

Going on vacation can wreak havoc on your exercise and fitness routines. Being away from home doesn't mean you can't stick to your daily activities. It's important to be as flexible as possible. You may have to leave your gym or workout classes behind, yet your style can go on your adventure with printed yoga pants or your best black leggings. If the weather is cold, explore Noli’s thick yoga pants to keep you warm. A tropical vacation would be ideal for our loose yoga pants to catch those sea breezes. You may not be able to exercise at your regular time, which is fine. Adapt your schedule ahead of time to fit into your travel schedule. It may take a mini workout, yet you will feel better at the end of the day if you stick to your routine as much as possible. Don't forget to pack your workout clothes!

Take your own snacks

One of the worst parts of traveling is not having the ability to eat the way you normally would if you were at home. While you may have to adjust your meals, the one thing you have complete control over is your snacks. Before you leave on your trip, create a snack list and pack a few individual servings to get you through the first part of your trip. Carry a few plastic bags of fruit and/or nuts to keep your energy levels consistent. 

Carry your fitness schedule with you

Carry your fitness schedule with you. Don't worry if you can't keep to the schedule you usually follow. What's important is that you are active. If you can't go on your morning walk, go out in the afternoon. If you know you are going to be busy in the evening, switch your exercise time to first thing in the morning. The key isn't so much timing; it's consistency. Remaining steady with your routine will keep your health on track. To get you inspired, try a set of Noli’s bold women’s tank tops with animal leggings. 

Adapt to your surroundings

Adapt to your surroundings. If you normally go for long walks, use the treadmill at your hotel. Remember, the clothes you wear while going on these walks have a great impact on the way you feel, the activewear sets from Noli will give you that confidence boost. If there isn't a weight room in the hotel, see if a local gym offers day or weekly passes. If you're worried about your diet, try restaurants that have your favorite foods, there is bound to be a healthy option.

Download an exercise app or two

Download an exercise app or two. These are great for exercising in your hotel room, especially if you can't find a local gym. Pilates and yoga apps are a great way to stay active while on vacation and you don't have to venture out of your hotel to exercise. When you're on vacation, it's doubtful you will be able to stick to your workout routine. The key is finding ways to adapt to your surroundings and adjust your workout routine, so you don't lose your momentum. Be creative. Put on your luxury activewear from Noli and get down to business! Just because you are on vacation, it doesn't mean your fitness routine should be.

When packing the wardrobe for your trip, you’ll want to pack something that makes you feel confident and ready to take on the world. Noli has all the essentials you need with our world-class activewear.

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