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Barre vs. Spin Classes: The Pros and Cons of Each

Barre vs. Spin Classes: The Pros and Cons of Each

Barre and spin classes are popular workouts that can be performed easily with the right equipment and very little instruction. You can join a class and participate with others who have similar fitness goals. Barre and spin exercises have pros and cons that should be considered prior to starting either. Regardless of which one you choose, it’s important to participate wearing the best women’s activewear from Noli to look great during your workout, be comfortable and stay dry throughout the session.


Barre classes are performed using a ballet barre. Each session involves isometric muscle contractions to improve strength and target several muscle groups at one time. When used correctly, the exercise may help you to lose a few of those unwanted pounds and tighten your core. Barre exercises also encourage the body and mind to work together, solidifying the body/mind connection. Wearing our Liquid Leggings will help you remain comfortable and flexible during your routine.

On the flip side, barre exercise offers low-level cardio, meaning you may want to supplement your routine with a few exercises that will get your blood pumping. Because there is little to no resistance, you won't be building any substantial functional strength. Include a few strength training exercises to help in this area. Plateauing is common with barre routines. Adding additional forms of exercise may help to prevent it. 

Spin Class

Spin classes can be found online or at a local spin studio in metropolitan areas. Search for a local spin studio that offers a free first-time class to see how you like it. Spin offers a boost of energy and can help with weight loss - if it's performed correctly. The class offers a high-intensity, low-impact workout that improves your endurance and stamina. It also strengthens your cardiovascular system and improves heart function. This heart-racing workout should be paired with a bold, statement legging so be sure to check out the best workout leggings from Noli’s fall collection.

While spin class offers many benefits, the phrase "too much of a good thing" applies. Spinning too much can actually damage your muscles, causing them to atrophy. Another downfall is that there is little to no strength training involved, which can leave you weak. Having a strong heart is great, but you need to have strong muscles too. Rush into your wilder side with Noli’s stunning Ultra Reflective Legging

Which Local Workout Class is For You?

Before choosing spin or barre classes, it's important to know what your overall health and fitness goals are. While both can be used effectively for weight loss, each one has pros and cons that may take it out of the running if you are looking for one exercise to reach all of your goals, not just to show off your activewear sets. Explore these options and find out which one works best. Create a routine that includes both in moderation. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

At Noli, our ultra-luxury, high-performance activewear is made for any and all workouts. We believe in unique, easily recognizable prints and fabrics that compress and tone without sacrificing comfort. Whether you’re leaving the studio or on your way to meet up with friends, there is no limit to the confidence you feel wearing Noli.

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