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Article: Relationships That Work Out Through Working Out

Relationships That Work Out Through Working Out

Relationships That Work Out Through Working Out

You love spending time with boo, and you want to stay healthy by working out regularly. What would be better than combining these two loves? Why not work out with your significant other by trying the couple-friendly exercises listed below:


Although walking isn’t as intense of calorie burn as other workouts, it provides a method of reconnection between you and your bae. Make talking a walk a regular after-dinner habit, allowing you and your honey the chance to tell each other about your days, decompress, and just enjoy each other’s company. In addition, though not as high impact as other forms of exercise, a 20-30-minute walk increases your blood flow and increases your energy levels.


Yoga is an intense exercise in breathing, holding poses, and promotes flexibility. It uses your own bodyweight to change your body, slimming you down and defining muscle. It also applies to couples. You can take a couple or partners yoga class where the poses are designed for two people to hold together. Experts say it is a great way to reconnect and stay grounded as a couple. Julia Lehrman, a certified yoga instructor, and licensed psychotherapist says, “A couples yoga experience can serve as a kind of mini ‘retreat’ or ‘workshop’ to strengthen a relationship.”

Dance Class

Consider this: Do you admire the physique of a dancer? If you are honest, you have to answer yes. Their bodies are fine-tuned machines and they are in pristine health. Why not take a dancing class, such as a ballroom dancing class, as a form of couple’s exercise in order to get in shape as a pair? Not only will it challenge your body physically, but it will encourage you to step outside your normal boundaries and try something fresh and exciting.

Workout Together

Another way to engage in a couple's exercise is simply to workout together. You can do this from home or go to a gym together. Train together as you build your bodies up with weights or talk while you walk on the treadmill or elliptical, just make sure your independent workouts fuse into a couple’s event.


Rowing a kayak down a creek or in a river is an intense, full-body workout. Although you are seated, kayaking will effectively work your chest, shoulders, arms, and back. If you do it regularly enough, it will also improve your leg strength and your torso. It is a low-impact sport but does push the body. In addition, while you and your bae are rowing, you can talk, enjoy nature, listen to the sounds of the wildlife all around, just enjoy being together outdoors.


Speaking of outdoors, our last suggestion for working out as a couple is to try hiking. Hiking through the outdoors on foot will give you plenty of time to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Trail hiking is also a great workout and can push your body to its limits. It might seem innocuous, as it’s just a walk in the woods, but it’s actually quite challenging.

Bottom Line

Working out with your partner can strengthen your bond and encourage you both to reach higher than ever before. In fact, according to Aaptiv trainer Kelly Chase, “Working out with your partner creates a positive environment: Support, motivation, encouragement, and unity.” There you have it, the ways relationships can “work out” and the benefits of exercising as a couple. Now, get some cute workout sets, exercise apparel, or cute athletic wear and make it happen!

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