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Article: Staff Pick: The Tree of Life Legging

Staff Pick: The Tree of Life Legging

If we were a “favorites” kind of a shop, the Tree of Life legging would be it. By now you know looking great while feeling even better is a Noli standard. That said, there must be something extra special about this pair. You’re right, there is. These pants house more than just your petty little limbs. Their symbolism alone makes your closet radiate good vibes.

We’ve all seen this Tree of Life at some point whether you know it or not. I don’t mean as an Alex & Ani charm bracelet. I mean in the context of biology, religion, philosophy, mythology, etc. To sum it up, the tree of life can be translated in a variety of ways but to put it simply, it alludes to the interconnection of all things living.

Noli is a huge supporter of Trees for the Future. So much so that $1 of every pair sold goes directly to Trees for the Future. That’s on top of what Noli already contributes every year to charity — which is 5% of all yearly profit. Pretty selfless, right? I agree.

While the design of these pants grabbed my attention first, once I learned the insanely positive impact this organization has on our environment, it was a game changer. I had to own the pants!

I’ll walk you through the onset of my bottomless appreciation for these. Sound good?

Trees heal the land. They serve as the anchor point to our ecosystem. Trees for the Future alone has planted more than 50 million trees! Hold on, that sounds like an exuberant amount until you realize we actually lose 100,000 acres of forest every day. EVERY DAY. Here’s the thing, when you plant trees, you’re doing more than just planting trees. You’re stimulating dormant roots of plant species that once existed. Plant species that certain wildlife needed for survival. When one essential piece is eliminated, so are those that relied on it. Inversely, think about what happens when something unknowingly essential blossoms. What can that create?

Doesn’t this sound like our practice? Our every day lives? Countless seeds exist beneath our feet and all we need to do is set our anchors to spark new unexpected growth. That’s what we at Noli strive to be for our community. To be one of the many seeds that helps facilitate organic growth and diverse expansion of all things wonderful. To me, that’s what makes wearing these leggings different. They remind me what I’m capable of that I have yet to even know.

I saved the best part for last. It takes Trees for the Future 10 cents to plant a single tree. That means every pair of leggings purchased is literally a donation of 10 trees! YOU are the reason for 10 new trees on this planet! TEN. That’s a lot of trees. Continue doing the math. 100 pairs of leggings plants an entire forest. It’s exciting to think about, isn’t it? Why don’t we do it? Let’s plant a forest! Here’s how. Strike a tree pose while wearing your Tree of Life leggings, take a picture, and share it on Instagram with hashtag #NoliForest. Each month, we’ll select a winner who will receive a Tree of Life legging in the color of your choice on us! You heard me, this forest is about to explode with vibrance. New colors are coming!


I adore the Tree Of Life Leggings! They fit beautifully & feel like silk. I teach yoga and struggle to find apparel that doesn’t need to be constantly adjusted. These leggings move with me and don’t fight against me ;)


Hi just want to say the tree of life leggings are one of a kind
I reallly love them the fit is really nice and soft and they look realllly good on and sickk design! I did soul cycle in them was veryyy comfy.

Elina k.

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