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Article: Five Feel Goods You can Wear

Five Feel Goods You can Wear

The days of bland cotton-spandex workout gear are over. We owe it to the growing popularity of alternative fitness methods like yoga for FINALLY bringing style to the game. We here at Noli find an unshakable pride in making you look awesome while you sweat. What you didn’t know is that we take even more pride in making you FEEL awesome while you sweat. That is what it’s all about after all, right? Don’t get us wrong, we are crazed hot-pant junkies all day, but it’s for a good reason. It’s important for you to know the reasoning since you’re a contributor of the goodness. Here are five of the many feel-goods we want your Noli gear to remind you of.

You’re environmentally friendly!

Wearing recyclable materials means being kind to the earth is just as important to you as the quality of your pants. No sheer here. We have mastered the fusion with quality so you can enjoy Savasana without worrying about who saw your asana.

You’re giving back!

Every time you take a look at your Noli gear during practice, let it be a reminder that a portion of your investment went directly to charity. What charity are you supporting you ask? 5% of yearly profits go to Canines for Kids, Trees for the Future, and Breast Cancer Fund. If you’re interested in learning more about these great organizations or how Noli gives back to the community, check out the *Giving* page, or just click here.

Yep, you’re *still* looking good!

Your get-up was made to be challenged. No amount of sweat or stretch will compromise your Noli attire, okay? We make sure each piece is carefully crafted for the highest level of support and smoothing. Your comfort was made to outlast your practice.

You’re versatile!

These leggings are the most versatile thing on the planet. They easily go from studio to street… to surfing, bowling, spinning, roller blading, tap dancing, paddle-boarding, archery, tightrope walking, CrossFit, shooting, ice skating, pilates, pogo-sticking, biking, twerking, pretty much everything. Did you think that list would end there? The best part about “yoga” pants with personality is that they can be transformed into eveningwear. For example, combine your Cobra pant with a long, solid top and neutral pumps for a martini-ready look. Is the creativity flowing yet? Let it run wild.

You radiate confidence!

There is no question that Noli apparel brings the personality to the mat. Because yoga is practiced quietly, avenues of self expression are generally limited. Regardless of the countless styles of yoga out there, one thing that always translates well are badass pants. Consider your patterned pant your personal brand flag. Imagine yourself moving into half moon while wearing your Galaxy Nebula yoga pants. Now is the time to raise your personal brand flag. You’ll kick that leg higher and more firmly than you ever have before. These pants were made to be seen.

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I love noli! Feels amazing to wear!


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