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Article: How Planners Keep Your Fitness Routine Organized

How Planners Keep Your Fitness Routine Organized

How Planners Keep Your Fitness Routine Organized

If you’ve made a commitment to your health and wellness this year, you need to have the right tools to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

As with any area of life, maintaining your fitness routine and tracking positive outcomes requires not only dedication but also organization. Along with your best gym leggings, a water bottle, and the proper footwear, you should keep a fitness journal on hand to record your daily exercise and other areas of wellness, such as sleep, diet, and vitamins consumed. Here are some of the best planners for tracking your fitness and health:

1. Food. Exercise. Sleep. Wellness Journal

The Food. Exercise. Sleep. Journal doesn’t include specific dates, which enables you to start using it whenever it’s right for you. More importantly, the journal includes 70-pages of logs that guide you to perceive your fitness and wellness as a journey with multiple steps, rather than tasks to be accomplished in a given day. Each time you log a goal, the journal includes several questions for reflection, such as “Why do I want to achieve this goal?” and “How will I measure this goal?”

2. Fitlosophy Fitbook: Fitness Journal and Planner

The sleek black Fitlosophy Fitbook is a fitness and wellness goal-setting journal that includes a daily log to track the food you eat, along with the nutrients, vitamins, and water you consume; the hours of sleep you acquire; and your daily workout for a given day. Additionally, the journal includes a free download for the fit book+ goal-setting app, and the weekly wrap-up pages are the perfect way to reflect on your week, track your global progress, and journal your thoughts and inspiration for the next week.

3. The Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner is about reframing your perspective on health and wellness by putting the emphasis on your contentment and self-confidence and guiding you to decide where your fitness fits into that picture. Daily practices and exercises included in the planner are designed to help you gain self-awareness, focus on the positive, and align your actions and goals with your core values.

4. The Sidekick Journals

Each of Habit Nest’s journals is like having a positive, encouraging sidekick you can carry in your workout bag, along with your best yoga pants and other essentials. Each journal has a different focus, such as meditation, nutrition, gratitude, body goals, resistance training, and weightlifting. The Morning Sidekick Journal is more comprehensive, as it guides you to map out what you want to accomplish during the day and identify the best path for you.

Dressing for Fitness Success

The right fitness planner can help shape both how you perceive health and wellness and how you accomplish your goals in this important area of your life. Along with a health journal, you should also make sure you have the right apparel and equipment to follow through with your commitments. We offer a wide selection of tops and bottoms, from meditation pants to hiking leggings, to help you move toward your fitness goals each day.

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