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Article: Surprising Yet Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Surprising Yet Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Surprising Yet Scientific Benefits of Meditation

We could all use a little peace and comfort in our lives, but it seems that the world continues to speed up! The stress and worry of our everyday life can quickly become overwhelming, causing all types of physical damage to our bodies from high blood pressure and lack of sleep to weight gain and hair loss. You might be surprised to learn that experts agree you can transform your day by adding a little slice of calm with meditation. Meditation has been used for thousands of years, with the earliest documented nod to meditation found in India from 5,000 to 3,500 BC.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

There have been multiple studies around the physical benefits of meditation, with one group of 3,500 individuals finding that stress reduction was one of the significant benefits that individuals experienced.

Reduces Stress

Physical and mental stress can cause increased levels of cortisol that can cause anxiety and contribute to fatigue. A recent study showed that inflammation caused by stress can be reduced by different types of meditation, including the simple study of mindfulness. 

Offers Perspective

We rush through our days so quickly, that we may not stop to think about how our actions fit into the broader world. With a focus on regular meditation, individuals often find that meditation allows you to dig deeper into motivations, understanding why you are experiencing specific emotions and gain perspective on your thoughts and actions. 

Boosts Self-awareness

When you are more mindful of your thoughts, it can be easier to reduce the negativity that is allowed into your life. With meditation, you can boost your self-image and self-worth. This finding was backed up by a study of individuals with depression and other mood-related disorders.

Makes you Kinder and More Empathetic

Meditation can allow you to enhance compassion, both for yourself and for others. Multiple studies have demonstrated the power of a particular type of meditation — Metta, or loving-kindness meditation — to help improve positive feelings that were experienced. These effects happen first internally and then outwards to others over time.

Helps You Sleep Better

There's something about meditation that helps bring together your thoughts and stop them from chaotically pinging around in your head as you're trying to get to sleep. Becoming skilled in meditation can help shorten the length of time required to fall asleep, too.

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