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Article: Find your zen.

Find your zen.

Zen is a Japanese term that explores the values of meditation and intuition to achieve and enlightenment in which there is no consciousness of self. In today’s fitness frenzied society, the word Zen pops up pretty frequently with exercise classes titled Zen Combat (Equinox), Zenergy (ZenRide Cycling) and blogs titled Zen Barbell and Zen to Fitness.

So how do we take such a deeply spiritual and seemingly complex concept and translate it into something we can experience as part of our daily or weekly workout routine?

In the fitness industry, Zen has come to represent an overarching theme of peace, tranquility, calm and relaxation; these concepts are the perfect compliments to some of the more aggressive and high intensity fitness terms like power, cardio, strength, warrior and boot camp. The balance of these two opposites are important because together they allow us to explore the physical exertion of exercise and the mental exertion of meditation or calmness.   

Noli Yoga’s Zen Legging is inspired by the calmness of water garden creeks and features cascading water lilies that are brightened by the aquatic, muted grey background. Designed with versatility in mind, these leggings work great for yoga, pilates, barre, spin and anything else that gets your heart pumping. These mid-rise, ankle-length Zen leggings will make you want to throw up a peace sign to every passerby.

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