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Article: Warm Up Your Yoga Practice With Color

Warm Up Your Yoga Practice With Color

There is no doubt about it, life is full of transitions. We transition into and out of relationships, careers, arm balances, and backbends. We transition through seasons, moods, and energy levels. Transitions can be tricky to navigate both on and off our yoga mats. 

This fall, you’ll want to surround yourself with red off and on your mat to discover more energy and warmth throughout the autumn transition. To help you reinvigorate your practice, Noli has released their new Red Buddha Leggings. As you move through your asana practice, bring the deep vibrant red of the leggings into your awareness and shift your mood in a more positive direction.

Color affects mood and energy. Some colors energize, others calm. Some induce happiness, others sadness. In the fall, when energy can begin to wane, we can seek the guidance of colors to energize us. In Chakra healing, an ancient Yogic tradition, it is believed that red can increase both alertness and circulation. It warms and awakens the body and mind. Red stimulates brain wave activity and increases your heart rate. On cooler days, red can evoke feelings of warmth. 

With the transition from summer into fall, the days are growing steadily shorter and, for some of us, that means change. Some go from an active, social summer to a quieter, more sedentary autumn. Others can find it harder and harder to get ourselves to that post-work yoga class and would rather sleep in than roll out our mats before sunrise. While it can be comforting to pull back slightly from the demands of summer light, it is also essential to energize our bodies and spirits through transition. Yoga can be a necessary tool when navigating the obstacles that life throws at us. If you are struggling to show up for your yoga practice, the use of color can help re-focus your energy.

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Red it is! The color to help motivate me this autumn.


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