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Article: Switching Gears With These Transitional Fashion Tips

Switching Gears With These Transitional Fashion Tips

Switching Gears With These Transitional Fashion Tips

As the temperature cools, the leaves begin to change and the holidays draw closer, you know it’s that time of the year when all things are transitioning. Gone are the long, warm days of summer when tank tops and short shorts were about the only apparel that would keep you cool enough outdoors. Now, we are in those few transitional months. It’s still warm outside for part of the day, but is chilly in the evenings and mornings. This calls for some flexible exercise apparel for women that will keep you cool enough during the warm parts of the day but keep you from freezing when the temperature dips in the evening or first thing in the morning.

Comfy Yoga Pants

Comfortable yoga pants are the best transitional apparel there is and are perfect for this time of year. You can wear them outside during the heat of the day paired with a short-sleeved athletic top or tank top, depending on the temp, but throw a sweatshirt on with them as the temperature cools. They are also great to snuggle in during the evenings, either in front of a bonfire or on the couch watching a movie with your family or friends.

Invest in Hoodies

Hoodies are another amazing item to have on hand when the temperature gets cooler. While they will be too hot for the heat of the day, you can layer them over short-sleeved t-shirts or tanks, so they are great to throw in your gym back for later in the day after sunset. Some people even like to pair hoodies or sweatshirts with shorts during this transitional time of year.


No matter the time of year, tennis shoes or sneakers are a wise investment. They go with long athletic pants, jeans, yoga pants, or workout shorts. They are ideal for the gym, running errands or to wear into yoga practice (although you will likely be asked to remove them before beginning.) Although boots are typically thought of as the fall shoe of choice, sneakers remain relevant all year round and make great transitional footwear for this time of year.

Zip-Up Light Jackets

Another handy item to have on hand when temperatures begin to cool is a lightweight zip-up jacket. Pair an athletic zip-up jacket with a t-shirt and shorts or with long athletic pants. While it won’t keep you too warm if the temperature drops significantly, a light jacket is ideal for this transitional time of year when temperatures stay pretty moderate. Opt for an athletic style of jacket that has wicking technology if you plan to wear the jacket while working out. This will keep it from getting soaked in sweat.

Good Quality Leggings

Finally, for fall when it's not yet cold enough for insulated gear and it’s too chilly for short shorts, it's wise to invest in a pair or two of good quality leggings. You can work out in them, but can also pair them with long-sleeved t-shirts or long sweaters and boots for a true fall look.

In general, during this time of year, you want to think in terms of layers. Make sure you have all the items listed above, but then understand that the best way to transition through your day and switch gears between chilly temps and warm ones is through layering. Start with a tank, add a t-shirt or light jacket, eventually step it up to a hoodie and interchange these items based on how it feels outdoors.

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