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Staying Active During Short Winter Days

Staying Active During Short Winter Days

In the short, dark days of winter, it can be tempting to curl up in front of a warm fire, wearing some comfortable yoga pants and just go into hibernation. Consequently, it takes steadfast determination and a commitment to your workout to stay motivated during the short days of winter.

Stay Motivated During Short Winter Days: Here’s How

Switch to At-Home Workouts

One big deterrent of working out during the winter months is the cold temperature and yucky winter weather. If you previously enjoyed taking a nice morning run or even one in the evening, you might need to switch to working out indoors. It is just too easy to skip a run in the frigid cold of a winter morning and it’s too dark by evening. If you don’t already have a treadmill or elliptical machine at home, it could be a good investment. If you enjoy something a bit more intense, you can stream various at-home workouts designed to push you to your limit, physically.

Create Some Accountability

If you and a friend partner together to stay motivated during the winter, it will help each of you increase your chances of reaching your goals. You can sign up for a class together that meets several times a week, schedule a certain time to meet at the gym each day or create another type of workout agreement. The main factor that makes this effective is accountability. You will have to call your friend to tell them you aren’t going to the gym or to the class. You won’t want to do this, which will in theory force you to just go! Use accountability as motivation to stay the course just as you would an investment in yoga wear for women or phenomenal stretchy yoga pants.

Purchase Some Near Gear

Speaking of clothing, this can be another way to motivate yourself to get out there in the cold. When you invest in the best athletic wear for winter, it can serve to keep you warm when exercising outdoors. You can also add some amazing shoes or high-tech gear to your wardrobe to further motivate yourself to keep your workout routine going even though it's gotten colder outside.

Create Quantifiable Goals

There is something to be said for putting pen to paper and outlining goals. If you want to ensure you don’t get lax on your workouts, make sure you have a workout schedule outlined on your calendar. This should also include specific fitness goals you want to achieve. Check each of them off as you reach them for even more motivation to keep going. Goals can include weight preferences but can also include a lift goal or how long you can run on the treadmill and much more.

Switch it Up

While we have already suggested switching outdoor workouts to indoor, you can also switch up your entire routine. Try something new and exciting like a cycling or an acrobatic class. If you think you might enjoy swimming, try it at an indoor, heated pool. Give rowing a shot, expand your horizons. Now’s the best time, because a new workout regimen will be more apt to keep your attention and your focus than one you have been following for months or years.

Working out through the cold, dark, short days of winter is not ideal. We all wish for warmer weather and sunny, long days again. However, until spring arrives, make the best of the situation and stay motivated with the tips listed above.

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