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Article: Sneek Peek Into The Trending Sneaker Looks of Today

Sneek Peek Into The Trending Sneaker Looks of Today

Sneek Peek Into The Trending Sneaker Looks of Today

Mass-produced beginning in 1917, Keds were the first, comfortable, rubber sole, canvas top “sneaker” to make its way into everyday fashion. Today, of course, sneakers are everywhere. No longer are they relegated to the basketball court or to wear only when working out as part of stylish fitness apparel, now you can wear them virtually anywhere with anything. In fact, this year they made a triumphant return to the runway in a big way being labeled the “perfect glam accessory for any occasion.” Here is a sneak peek of our favorite sneakers that are perfect for any occasion:

Classic Sneakers

The classic sneaker is one must-have sneaker for any occasion and for every person. Classic sneakers, think low rise Chuck Taylors or classic white Nikes, are the best casual combination to any outfit, whether you are dressing for the office or for an elegant night on the town. In the same way you can pair beautiful yoga pants with a great athletic shirt, you can add some interest to any outfit with the addition of a classic sneaker.

High Top Athletic Shoes

You can pair a high top athletic shoe, such as a high top Chuck Taylor or an athletic high top, think Air Jordans, with skinny jeans or good black leggings. Since these shoes tie up high on and above the ankle, they work great with leggings or jeans that fit down inside the shoe. This is a super cute look that works for the office, a night out with the girls or on a date night.

Pair Classic Sneakers With a Dress, Any Sneaker, Especially Classic White

You can also pair a classic sneaker with a dress. Yes, you read that right. It is no longer a fashion faux pas to pair sneakers with a dress. That might have been frowned upon by your mother back in her day--- along with her group of friends---, but today, it is all the rage and a really neat way to accentuate a flowy dress.

All Leather Sneakers

Another way to dress up a look or dress down a look, in this case, is to pair some leather sneakers with any look. Think classic Adidas white leather kicks with black stripes to picture this type of shoe. If you really want to create a chic look, combine leather pants, a long flowy coat and some leather sneakers. This is a super cute, urban look.

Street Style, Basketball Sneakers

Think basketball sneakers, high top and bulky when you consider a street-style sneaker. Nearly all shoe brands offer a variety of this shoe, from Jordans to Nikes to New Balance. Pair these with nearly any look, including adding them to your stylish yoga pants to create a fun counterbalance, sleek pants with bulky shoes. Add a loose, off-the-shoulder hoodie to complete the look.

Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are perhaps the very best sneaker you can pair with a variety of looks. These shoes are most often worn without socks. Pair them with culottes, rolled up jeans, leggings, skinny jeans or even a dress. Wear them virtually anywhere with any look.

Fashion dos and dont’s have evolved a great deal in the past few decades. Long gone are the days where heels and a dress were a prerequisite to “dressing appropriately.” Now, you can wear sneakers with virtually any look and get away with it, even “make a statement.”

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