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Food for Thought: Healthy, Yet Delicious Fall Treats

Food for Thought: Healthy, Yet Delicious Fall Treats

As the longest spring and summer known to man is finally nearing an end, fall is thankfully right around the corner. With the cooler temperatures, brilliant fall foliage and all things pumpkin, the autumn season also brings about countless opportunities to ruin all the hard work you have accomplished thus far to get your body in great shape. Thankfully, you can still enjoy the fall season, pumpkin spiced desserts and other goodies if you make some smart food choices. Choosing what you eat wisely will ensure your activewear sets still fit even after the tempting holiday season full of delectable treats has passed. Read on to learn about some healthy, yet still delicious fall treats you can make to welcome in fall:

Pumpkin Dream Bars

This gluten-free pumpkin treat is outlined on delish, where you can find the entire recipe. Prepare this pumpkin pie-like gluten-free bar in a mere two hours. This recipe yields 12 bars and makes the perfect addition to a fall or autumn-themed meal or gathering. The crust is made by combining gluten-free honey nut cheerios, brown sugar, and melted butter. The filling consists of eggs, brown sugar, ginger, vanilla, evaporated milk, and a can of pumpkin. Finish the bars off with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Caramel Apple S’mores

One of the most beloved aspects of fall is enjoying a roaring fire and s’mores. Unfortunately, traditional s’mores with their rich chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow ingredients aren’t exactly the best choice if you are limiting your calories. Thankfully, you can still enjoy a s’more-like treat without going over calorie count by making these caramel apple s’mores. This recipe is also outlined in its entirety on delish. Make this by combining Hersey’s chocolate squares (yes you still get to enjoy some chocolate), granny smith apples, marshmallows, thinly sliced apples, and warm caramel. Admittedly, this still has some calories, so enjoy in moderation. However, it is a better option, calorie-wise, when compared with a traditional s’more.

Apple Chips

Another part of the typical fall season is watching football and eating snacks, often consisting of chips and other items that are best avoided if you want to look good in your printed yoga leggings. Thankfully, this recipe, found here, offers you an alternative to calorie-packed chips. To make apple chips, you need two thinly sliced apples, sugar, and cinnamon, prep couldn’t be easier. When selecting apples for this recipe, choose the crisper type of apples, like pink lady, granny smith or honeycrisp apples. Avoid soft apples like red delicious for this particular recipe as they won’t get as crispy and chip-like, which defeats the purpose of making an apple chip.

Flourless Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

This flourless recipe allows you to enjoy the mouthwatering taste of chocolate chip cookies without the sugar, butter, and oils that you typically use to make such a dessert. Even better, these simple-to-make, healthy fall themed cookies, go from mixing bowl to plate-ready in less than 30 minutes. Find the recipe for these sure-to-be family favorite fall cookies here.

Try any of the amazing fall-themed healthy recipes listed above to spice up your autumn gathering. While traditional parties and events might not be possible this year, you and your family and close friends can still enjoy the tastes of fall, when you make one of the aforementioned treats, bringing a hint of fall into your home.

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