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Article: Amazing Fitness Tech You Will Want To Own

Amazing Fitness Tech You Will Want To Own

Amazing Fitness Tech You Will Want To Own

Other than buying cute yoga outfits, women's activewear sets, or good quality leggings for your workouts, the best way to ramp up your current exercise regimen and create a new challenge or sense of excitement is by investing in fun fitness tech. We love all manner of fitness tech gadgets and recommend them as a way to spice up a mundane training program and begin anew, engaged and ready to dominate your new fitness challenge. Below are some of our faves:

Fitness Tech We Love

Interactive Yoga Mat

This amazing piece of tech serves as a yoga mat, but much more. The interactive mat works in conjunction with your Apple Watch, Fitbit or Samsung Watch to monitor your vitals during a session but also tracks your progress in both flexibility and posture. It comes with a rechargeable battery and can be used in outdoor or indoor settings.

Buy It here for $399.00

Whoop Band

This is an innovative fitness tracker that provides you daily analytics pertaining to your recovery, strength and even sleep. Its lightweight, waterproof design means it can go with you anywhere while you workout or just go throughout your normal day.

Get it here for $30/per month subscription

Koala Clip

This amazing product allows you to bring your phone, money, bank card or anything else that can fit in a little pouch along with you wherever, whenever. It isn’t a cumbersome strap that goes on your arm or leg, but instead a pocket designed to clip directly to the back of your sports bra. The Koala clip allows you to carry your stuff with you while running, walking, hiking or even practicing yoga. Everything stays snuggly in place and safe from theft. Combine this product with soft yoga pants and you are in business.

Buy it here for $33.99

Jaybird Vista Headphones

Considered one of the most secure sets of headphones on the market, the Jaybird Vista headphones are ideal for a wide range of exercise possibilities. They are water-resistant and sweat-proof and are similar in style to AirPods. The audio quality and battery life these provide as well as their discreet profile make them a favorite for many.

Get them here for $179.99

Smart Sock

This product, smart sock and sensoria core, allows you to track your calories, speed, steps, altitude, and distance when wearing them. You can even note your impact, foot landing technique, and cadence.

Get them here for $199.99

Vibrating Pliability Roller: TB12

This takes the notion of a foam roller and adds vibration to the mix. This makes it more effective at loosening your muscles when rolling and even boosts circulation within the body. This restorative roller is designed to help you recover from a hard workout or prepare for one when dealing with tight muscles.

We recommend the above fitness tech to enhance and boost your current exercise regimen. Use any of them to create a renewed interest, even in an old routine. It's common to lose interest in a routine after repeating it over and over. Thankfully, fun fitness tech is a great way to encourage yourself to rededicate yourself to your overall health and wellbeing.

Get it here for $160.00

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