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Article: Why a Workout Buddy is a Must Have for Success

Why a Workout Buddy is a Must Have for Success

Why a Workout Buddy is a Must Have for Success

Everyone knows that working out is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Without an exercise routine, it is impossible to maintain the level of fitness you desire. Unfortunately, working out on your own can get old and often leads many people to just give up on their exercise endeavors altogether.  One way to combat this issue is by getting a workout buddy. The following are several benefits of having a workout buddy and why you should choose one ASAP:

Benefits of a Workout Buddy: What You Need to Know

More Accountability

You might have the best of intentions to begin and then stick with your chosen exercise regime. However, it’s simply human nature to get bored, become unmotivated or desire just a few extra minutes of shuteye in the morning. Thankfully, adding a workout buddy to the scenario will give you built-in accountability. You can no longer push snooze and roll over for a few extra winks in the morning. Now, someone other than yourself is depending on you to be there (gym, class, track, etc.), to show up and to give it your all.

It’s a Bit More Fun

While the actual purpose of a workout is to burn calories and push your body past its preset limitations, exercise should also be fun. Otherwise, you will simply stop doing it. One way to make exercise more fun is to purchase luxury activewear, cute athletic wear or cute workout sets to don when working out. Another is to add a friend to the mix in the form of a workout buddy. Having a friend along as you workout will help the time just fly by. You will likely reach the end of your workout and be surprised that an hour or whatever your time limit was has already passed. What better way to get through a treadmill or lifting session than to turn it into a gabfest?

Safer Than Alone

Running on roadways or even in parks can be less than safe, especially if you are a woman running on your own. To make the process of working out outdoors safer, add a workout buddy. Two women are much safer when hiking or jogging together. If you instead workout indoors, say at a gym, then then you will enjoy more safety by having a built-in spotter when lifting heavy weights or by having someone walk with you to and from your car when entering and leaving the building.

Can Make Each Workout More Effective

We are all a bit competitive, even when we aren’t trying. Consequently, by having a workout buddy, you will automatically push yourself a bit further. Add another lap to your run, do one more round of lifting, etc. You won’t want to be the first to call it quits, so having a workout buddy will ensure your workout is more effective. You won’t take any reps off with a friend watching you.

Working out can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be boring and redundant. Thankfully, adding a workout buddy to the mix can enhance all the positives of working out and eliminate many of the negatives. Therefore, we think adding a workout buddy is just as beneficial to your exercise routine as that new pair of fancy yoga pants, perhaps even more so!

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