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Spring (Fashion) Forward

Spring (Fashion) Forward

As winter's chill begins to leave the air, the snow starts melting and the days get a bit longer and brighter, you know spring is sprung and summer is just around the corner. However, before summer enters the picture entirely and takes over with consistently warm days, including mornings and evenings, you have to dress for this transitional time of year we find ourselves in presently, spring. Thankfully, we have compiled some helpful tips to help you spring"fashion" forward this season.

Spring “Fashion” Forward 

Incorporate Layers

The key to dressing for spring workouts is layering. While a pair of patterned yoga pants, good black leggings or good athletic leggings are great, pairing them with a t-shirt and a light jacket is ideal for spring. This way, you can simply remove the outer layer as the day warms up, but put it back on if the temperatures dip a bit. Spring weather is so unpredictable. You can literally leave your home in the morning with a jacket on and then no longer need that jacket hours later, only to need it again later in the afternoon as evening approaches. That's to say nothing of the way your own temperatures can vary as you warm up during your workout. Therefore, one way to spring your fashion-forward is investing in good outer layers that can go on over lighter base layers and then be removed. We also recommend opting for some water-wicking outerwear in case you find yourself in the midst of a pop-up spring shower.

Add Bright Colors

Another important fashion tip for the spring is to use color when you can. If you want to add it as accents, you can opt for splashes of color like patterned yoga pants. If you would rather be bolder, opt for a bright color on top and pair with good black leggings below. The idea is to dress with more color as spring approaches by incorporating color once again into your wardrobe. After the dreariness of winter passes, it’s fun to experiment with new colors, brightening not only your style but your mood as well.

Combine Different Seasonal Gear

If you are like us, you typically think of shorts as summer gear and long-sleeved hoodies or warming gear as winter wear. However, you can actually enjoy a bit of both styles by combining these seasonal options during the spring. For example, wear shorts, or short yoga pants but combine them with a t-shirt and hoodie. Or wear pants but a light t-shirt or tank top. Spring actually offers you a great opportunity to dig deep in your closet and pull out gear from all seasons, since you practically experience all the seasons on a typical spring day. 

Have Fun

Above and beyond bringing spring “fashion” forward, spring gives you the chance to have fun. Virtually any color or pattern is acceptable during spring. Everything is once again coming alive and flowers are blooming, which makes this season the ideal time to experiment with a new color, pattern or fashion. Just have fun!

Thankfully, it seems winter has finally begun to make its way out the door, which means the beauty of spring is fast approaching. Take the tips listed above into consideration when compiling your spring wardrobe and spring “forward” into fashion this season. Remember, there is no time like spring to have a fashion rebirth and to try something new! 

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