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Article: Learn All About Microgreens And Their Many Benefits

Learn All About Microgreens And Their Many Benefits

Learn All About Microgreens And Their Many Benefits

As a woman committed to a healthy lifestyle, you want to know all about what’s trending on the nutritional landscape. While microgreens can’t necessarily be called a trend themselves as they have been around for some time, understanding their many benefits is wise to anyone committed to wellness. In other words, you will want to know all there is to know about microgreens, including what they are and their many benefits. Thankfully, we have you covered! Read on to learn more about microgreens and how they can benefit your overall health:

What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are young vegetables, measuring around one to three inches tall. They have concentrated nutrients and an aromatic favor. They include wheatgrass, broccoli microgreens and buckwheat to name just a few. While microgreens are often considered baby plants, they shouldn’t be confused with leafless sprouts. They are actually in a stage of growth that is between a sprout and baby green. Microgreens are also extremely easy to grow and can be grown in a variety of locations, even a windowsill, due to their diminutive size and low maintenance growth requirements. This has made them even more intriguing during the recent “stay at home” and “eat at home” trend, right along with a set of good workout pants, good quality leggings or comfy activewear. Read on to learn more about microgreens and their benefits: 

Benefits of Microgreens

We have considered the fact that you can grow microgreens at home, even on a windowsill, which makes them versatile and easy to obtain. However, their benefits compared to other types of vegetables or vitamins don’t stop there…

They Pack a Punch

Microgreens are basically the seedlings of various herbs and vegetables. In their introduction into the food industry, they had only a few varieties, namely arugula, kale, beets, basil and cilantro. Today, there are over 25 varieties of microgreens. These small veggies and/or herbs are simply loaded with nutrients. In fact, the concentration of nutrients within a typical microgreen has 40-fold as many nutrients when compared to the mature version of the same plant. This means they pack quite the nutritional punch when added to a dish or recipe

They Are Extremely Flavorful

Don’t let the small size fool you, microgreens have a unique and intense flavor. They are also often colorful. Therefore, you can easily add them to dishes as either garnish or add them to smoothies, juices or salads. For example, you could add broccoli shoots or wheatgrass to your morning smoothie, or add pea shoots, beet tops or baby arugula to create a colorful and nutritious salad. 

They Grow Fast

At most, you can grow microgreens in a matter of two weeks. In some cases, you can grow them in under a week. The immense speed in which they grow means you will always have microgreens at your fingertips to add to your favorite dishes or drinks and can pretty much keep some available year-round when growing them indoors. 

Bottom Line: Microgreens Are Small But Mighty

While microgreens might be small, they are mighty in nutrients, flavor and other benefits. Add them to your diet to promote an even healthier lifestyle.

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