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Cream of the Crockpot, Recipes to Try This Winter

Cream of the Crockpot, Recipes to Try This Winter

The cool temperatures of winter create the most welcoming environment for crockpot dishes. You know, the dishes that simmer all day long, filling your home with glorious aromas, making your mouth water as you anticipate the perfect combination of flavors and spices that make up your cream of the crock dish. If you love crockpot cooking but need some new ideas for the upcoming winter season, read on for a few perfect crockpot dishes you will want to try this season:

Cream of the Crock Dishes

Perfect Pot Roast, Roast Beef

What is better or more convenient than making an entire dinner in one crockpot? This dish (directions here) perfectly blends vegetables and meats together to create a filling, inexpensive dish that will feed your family. If you don’t want to add the vegetables, you can simply make the meat this way and then create some sides to go along with the main dish. Either way, a roast is a classic crockpot dish that deserves a mention on this list.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

When contemplating crockpot recipes, you don’t often think of spaghetti. However, this recipe (directions here) perfectly creates a spaghetti meatball soup combination that is so flavorful and rich you will be amazed it was created using a crockpot. You do have to complete a bit of prep work for the dish using your oven, but then you transfer to your slow cooker and let it slow cook for six to eight hours to allow the flavors to combine perfectly. This is an ideal dish to set up in your crockpot before leaving for work. Come home to the amazing Italian aromas of a one-of-a-kind spaghetti dish. Make garlic bread to go along with it, and you have an amazing creation.

Sweet and Spicy Crockpot Chicken

This spicy, Asian-inspired dish is a super simple recipe (directions here) that combines chicken, barbecue sauce and sweet and sour sauce, creating an amazing flavor. You can add vegetables to the dish as well at your own discretion and taste to personalize the dish. Vegetables like zucchini, sliced carrots or peppers all work well with this flavorful creation.

Wild Rice Chowder

There is perhaps no other dish that better suits a cold, snowy winter than a chowder. This one (directions here) is a hearty soup that cooks up wonderfully and reheats well. This means, you not only get to enjoy it the day you cook it, but you can keep and refrigerate/freeze leftovers and enjoy it again later. You can also do the prep work for this chowder ahead of time and keep refrigerated up to three days before cooking if you so desire.

In some ways crockpot cooking goes with cooler weather much like cute activewear, yoga pants or comfortable yoga pants go along with your favorite yoga class. The above are just a few of the cream of the crock dishes to give you some new ideas for this winter’s contributions. Allow them to inspire you to create your own version of these dishes that you will look forward to coming home to at the end of the long workday or you will enjoy smelling all day long as you work around your house. Either way, these are some inspirational crockpot creations you will want to try this winter!

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