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Article: Yoga Improves Your Mind, And That's no Stretch of the Imagination

Yoga Improves Your Mind, And That's no Stretch of the Imagination

Yoga Improves Your Mind, And That's no Stretch of the Imagination

Today’s modern yoga was born from an ancient Indian philosophy that defined it as a spiritual experience. Throughout history, yoga has evolved into what it is today and now you can enjoy some 800 different styles of yoga, along with the very best in fun yoga pants, cute yoga outfits, and women's yoga apparel. However, did you know, along with stretching your body, that yoga has been proven to stretch your mind? That’s right, read on to learn more about how yoga can benefit not only your body but your mind as well and help you overcome work challenges:

Helps With Memory

We have all walked into a room only to forget what brought us there in the first place. While this is annoying it isn’t necessarily harmful. However, if you forget about something important at work, such as a mandatory meeting or a looming deadline, it can become a serious issue quickly. Thankfully, studies have shown that participating in yoga on a regular basis for a span of 12 weeks improves participants' visual memory, anxiety, mood resilience, and brain connectivity. This will improve your memory overall and help you excel at your job.

Improve Your Executive Functions

Did you know that yoga can also positively impact the executive functions of your brain? It can! According to yet another study, participating in mindfulness meditation and Hatha yoga daily, worked to improve the yogi’s executive function, which includes cognitive abilities. In turn, it helps eliminate the knee-jerk emotional response we sometimes make at work when things don’t go as planned. It also promotes positive habitual actions and thinking patterns all of which are extremely useful in a work environment.

It Promotes Mental Clarity

Although the science behind the fact isn’t fully understood, yoga seems to have an overall positive effect on the mind. This has been linked to greater mental clarity and increased focus on various tasks. It makes sense when you think about it as yoga is designed to stop a busy, cluttered mind from going 100 miles-an-hour and allows the yogi to calm their thoughts and focus their efforts more efficiently.

Leads to More Productive Sleep Patterns

Another notable benefit of a regular yoga practice is improved sleep patterns. Since so many Americans stay sleep deprived, it stands to reason that better sleep would lead to more productivity in the workplace. According to a study outlined in a Healthline article, yoga participants fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer than the control group, leading them to feel well-rested and ready to face their workday.

Could Relieve Headaches and Other Ailments

An estimated 1 in 7 Americans experience severe migraine headaches on the regular. When these headaches strike, it can be nearly debilitating for sufferers. Thankfully, yoga has been shown to reduce headache intensity and to reduce the frequency and pain of migraine episodes, which, of course, will help anyone who suffers from migraines regularly feel better and hopefully be able to take less sick days due to their condition.

Whole Body Help

Yoga is a total body experience that promotes wellness, mindfulness, and deeper spirituality in anyone who practices it regularly. With its many benefits, affecting not only your body but your mind, practicing yoga regularly is a great way to not only improve yourself physically but enhance your cognitive ability, and make you better at your job, and that’s no stretch of the imagination.

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