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Article: The Tree Of Life....

The Tree Of Life....

The Tree of Life was a tree in Garden of Eden whose fruit was thought to impart eternal life. In essence the tree of life is a symbol of eternity of forever. As spring approaches and the trees and flowers around us begin to bloom, it can be meaningful for us to step back and take note of the cyclic patterns of mother earth and our sacred existence within something much bigger than our humanity. 

We are here on Earth for a finite amount of time. What kind of impact would we like to have? What kind of footprint do we want to leave? What type of world would like to see for our children and our children's children? 


Our Tree of Life Leggings allow us to become one with the Tree of Life, to let the roots of the tree represent our grounding to Mother Earth and the spiraling, twirling branches represent our future and what we hope to achieve in our lifetime. These leggings are silver textured which brings out each intricate detail of the tree- from root to leaf.

Become one with nature, in these yoga pants. If you are practicing yoga, try Vrikshasana or Tree Pose in these leggings! 

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