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Article: Take Your Practice Outside

Take Your Practice Outside

Take Your Practice Outside...

The birds are chirping and the sun is shining! What better way to celebrate the transition from Spring into Summer than with outdoor yoga! Although often practiced in a studio, there are numerous benefits associated with moving your yoga practice outdoors, surrounded by nature.

Noli Green Bird


Practicing yoga outside is a way to shine light on our place in the vast universe that surrounds us and allows us to to better align with nature. By practicing on grass, near trees or by a natural body of water, we can learn to place ourselves within a much larger picture. The outdoors allows us to stay grounded, get in touch with ourselves as well as Pachamama- the goddess of earth and time.

Jay Sullivan


Being outside also exposes us to nature's unpredictable ways- changes in temperature, rain, bugs or other disturbances; this exposure can help us learn to be flexible and understanding when situations are not fully within our control. Additionally, outdoor yoga can also help us to improve our stability as few things in nature are stable; working through this instability can make us more adaptable and stronger.

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And don't forget those beautiful rays of sunshine! Practicing outside in sunlight can also give a nice boost of Vitamin D that helps maintain bone health, supports immune function, regulates hormone levels and has been linked to preventing a number of chronic diseases.


Take your yoga practice outside and become one with nature!

Noli Blue Bird

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