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Article: Learn to Workout in a Mask and How to Choose

Learn to Workout in a Mask and How to Choose

Learn to Workout in a Mask and How to Choose

During the spring of 2020, the world changed as a result of the global pandemic. Not only did it change our social lives, how we ate and the way we did our jobs, it also had an impact on our exercise regimens. While many have been able to return to work and restaurants are slowly opening in limited capacities, it is still necessary to wear a mask when in public, either when exercising in a gym or running at a park. Unfortunately, exercising with a mask isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make your mask become just another part of your workout apparel:

Tips on Working Out With a Mask

Wear The Right Mask

Finding the right mask for you and your face shape is crucial to working out with a mask. You should consider factors like the fit, shape and materials of the mask. A proper fitting mask will fit snugly around the chin and nose, leaving no gaps on either side according to the World Health Organization (WHO). When working out, you also need to consider the material. A good idea when exercising is to select a moisture-wicking mask made of breathable material. However, make sure to wash it after it gets sweaty before rewearing.

Focus on Your Breathing

Some people feel almost claustrophobic trying to breathe in a mask even when they aren’t working out. Perhaps, you can relate to this. If you do feel panicky or are unable to catch your breath while exercising, take slow, deep inhales to calm your body down. Aim to breathe through your nose, not your mouth during workouts. This will not only reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates on your mask, but it will also help you breathe slowly and more deliberately.

Change Your Expectations

When you first start working out while wearing a mask, it will take time for your body to adjust. Do not expect to perform at the same level you did without a mask. Keep in mind, the first time you wear a mask while working out will be the most challenging, each subsequent time should get easier and easier as your body adjusts.

Choosing The Right Mask

As mentioned above choosing the right mask is key to a successful workout with a mask. Just as you take time selecting the right workout clothes or yoga apparel, research your masks as well to find just the right one. To help you sort out what’s become a saturated market, we have compiled a few recommendations, which are listed below:

MASKC: Diamond Dots Face Mask (10 pack)

These super cute masks feature an adjustable bridge, so you can create the desired fit. They are also moisture-proof and breathable with filtration. The breathable nature of their construction makes them ideal to wear when exercising and the polka dot design will look great with blue and black leggings.

MASKC: Leopard Face Masks (10 pack)

This mask comes with all the features of the first one mentioned. However, it comes in a chic leopard print, which will help you attack and conquer your workout. It’s important to note that all MASKC face masks come with a resealable bag for safe storage, are made with gentle ear loops and are soft for comfortable wear.

Choose any of the MASKC brand face masks to add to your current workout wardrobe and implement all the tips about exercising to adjust to the situation as easily as possible.

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