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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Quality Over Quantity

This isn’t fast fashion.  Every piece we design is carefully constructed using the best fabrics available on the market to make a garment built to last.   Producing garments designed to look new after the sweatiest of workout and toughest washes is just one way we strive to avoid filling landfills, unlike cheaply made competitors.   Using organic cotton and recycled fabrics wherever possible, we always design with sustainability in mind.

Made With Love

While quality for our customers is paramount, we also focus on those making our garments, both domestically and abroad. Cultivating strong relationships with the factories that make Noli allows us to keep an eye on worker conditions and safety.   We make sure that those making our garments receive fair wages, and work reasonable hours in a safe, secure environment. 

Packaged with care

While we can’t get rid of plastics altogether, we do use recycled plastic for our internal and external packaging.  Our hang tags are also made from recycled paper.   We avoid the unnecessary catalogs to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.


In addition to sustainable packaging, we also try to use as little water as possible. Did you know, on average it takes about three-years-worth of one person’s drinking water (roughly 2,720 liters) to produce one t-shirt? Now that’s a lot of water!  For this reason, we only employ eco-friendly printing techniques that help with water conservation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Even our workspace is green, we are proud to have offices in a certified green office building where the mantra is Reduce Reuse Recycle, a constant reminder to make the world a better place while making the best quality activewear on the market.

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